Vision & Outlook

The vision of the Partnership of African American Churches (PAAC) is to be an agent of empowerment as it relates to positive community change. However, the vision that ultimately counts is not the essential vision of external forces but rather the vision that a community has for itself. It is this self-determined vision that communities are willing to support and make the necessary sacrifices to accomplish. Nonetheless, experience has demonstrated that communities always need help in processing their visions into reality.

In African American communities, the Black Church has always been the institution around which community life revolves. Therefore, viewing the Black Church as the entity best equipped to positively impact community life is the primary strategy of the PAAC. Our mission is to exist as an agent of empowerment for these congregational communities. The goal is twofold. First, aide communities in developing their voice and create positive policy change around those issues that impact their daily lives. Second, to assist in resource identification, capacity building and self-determined programmatic implementation resulting in healthy communities.

Reverend James Patterson
Partnership of African American Churches