Substance Abuse Control

The results of an assessment conducted by the Partnership of African American Churches indicated that substance abuse is of paramount concern to people of color. According to African American church leaders and their congregations, this population's need for substance abuse prevention and control was not being met, causing these communities to suffer disproportionally from the social and health ills caused by substance abuse.

PAAC's solution was to empower these communities by establishing culturally component faith-based coalitions in Kanawha, Logan and Mingo counties. As a result of PAAC's collaborative efforts with church leaders and congregation members, there now exist four faith-based substance abuse control coalitions in communities of color that did not previously exist. These coalition members have received capacity building training and Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Training (SAPT). The SAPT is based on the Strategic Prevention Framework model developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

The coalitions have developed action plans based on assessments conducted in their particular communities and implemented evidenced-based programs and best practices deemed most effective in their areas. Each coalition designed its own mission statement and operating procedures. The Coalitions endeavor to serve youth through implementing programs and conducting activities designed to prevent youth from participating in harmful behaviors.

Other activities included in the action plans are community forums, drug awareness nights, prescription drug take backs, tobacco compliance checks and more. Events and activities are held during annual vacation bible schools, after-school programs, weekly youth ministry meetings, church summer block party events, etc.

Most recently PAAC received a five-year Drug Free Communities Grant from SAMHSA for the Westside Ward 4.

Coalitions meetings are held monthly at the following locations and membership recruitment is ongoing. Please Get Involved!!!!!!!


Logan County
LACASA(Logan Area Coalition Against Substance Abuse)
Greater Mount Zion Baptist Church
Holden, WV
3rd Tuesday of each month

Mingo County
ASAP Advocates for Substance Abuse Prevention
Harry L. Joyce Community Center,
319 Liberty Street, Williamson, WV
2nd Tuesday of each month

Kanawha County
West Side Coalition Against Substance Abuse
New Covenant Baptist Church
1404 First Avenue, Charleston, WV
2nd Monday of each month

St. Albans Coalition Kicking Drugs(SACKD)
St. Paul Baptist Church
821 B Street, St. Albans
4th Tuesday of each month

Too Good for Drugs, Project Alert, Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS), Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol (CMCA), Creating Lasting Family Connections