The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, developed by Kate Lorig at Stanford University, is designed to teach people how to deal with the symptoms and frustrations of living with a chronic condition. Classes are held for 6 consecutive weeks and the weekly session lasts for 2 ½ hours. The program is skills based and includes problem solving, decision making, and taking positive action. Sessions are highly participative, where mutual support and success builds the participants' confidence in managing their health and maintaining active and fulfilling lives. The course is offered as an ongoing referral resource for anyone who indicates they are ready to make behavior change in the area of exercise, nutrition or weight loss.

Workshop Goals

Workshops Conducted by:
Master Trainers: Edna Green, Wendy Lewis, Tonya Clark
Facilitators: Tia Welch, Ellen Wilson, Florence Smith, Ruth Cosby, Pamela Minimah, Mae Thomas, Judy Murrell, Jeannie Flippin, Barbara Thomas, Eileen Bell